Sunday, 26 September 2010

dad wins the prize for best photographer.........NOT!!!!!!

all i wanted was a photo of me paddling in the sea off cumbrae but i should have known better than to trust the job to dad LOL at least we had a bloody good laugh looking at them LOL in fact we laughed so much we cried LOL this is the first attempt LOL obviously not me in the sea LOL

the next one is again obviously not me in the sea LOL but at least we got the sea this time LOL

then the next two at least have me in it,shame they are out of focus LOL he couldn't really miss me i was wearing a bright coral jacket and was waving my arms in the air at him trying to get him to look in the right direction LOL

and i saved the best 'til last, here i am paddling in the clyde off cumbrae on sunday the 19th september 2010 LOL
now you can see why there are hardly any photos of me LOL still plan on scrapping them though, i think they'll make a fab page LOL


Rachael said...

lol these are definitley worth a page Debbie!! I think you need to give your Dad a few lessons before you give him control of the camera again :)

nikki said...

fantastic - they really are worth scrapping and the journalling to go with it is hilarious

Lelly said...

Debbie, these photos are just fab. Gave me a good giggle just when I needed it. Looking forward to seeing them scrapped

Lisa said...

Bloomin' Brilliant! LOL

They would have been great but funnily enough I think the layout you do will be even better :-D


Winnie said...

That's so funny! I definitely think you should scrap the photos! Maybe next time take a tripod and use the self-timer. LOL