Sunday, 8 August 2010

where on earth did this one come from

or another in the ongoing series of strange dreams LOL last night i had the weirdest of dreams but it was like watching a love story at the cinema, there was a man and woman and they were in love except she wasn't a real woman she was an alien who could fly and who was on the run from some pirates, he helped her escape and she gave him the ability to fly and when she jumped out of the window to escape he flew after her, she could fly much faster than him (she'd had more practise i suppose LOL) but he kept on flying in the direction she went, the sky kept changing coulour and he realised she was changing shape as the sky changed colour and when he eventually caught up with her she had changed into her true form which was a white ring of light but he could still find her amongst all the other rings of light and man and ring of light lived happily ever after LOL LOL LOL

where on earth do i get these dreams from, and why can't i just have normal ones LOL any way off to do a bit of scrapping and put a title on one i did yesterday as i reckon the glossy accents should be dry by now LOL

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