Sunday, 31 October 2010

an excellent night

last night at b's house, since it was halloween i had suggested dressing up so i wore my devil costume again with the addition of gloves, a wig and the plan was for gruesome make up, well the taxi was coming at 6:45 and at 6:15 i still couldn't find my make up bag (shows you how often i wear it) so in desperation i runs upstairs to the craft room, has a quick read of the paint dabber labels to make sure they were non toxic and uses them instead LOL it wasn't until they were all over my face that i realised they were acrylic paints and not the watercolours i thought they were but hey ho too late now LOL we had a fabulous time, b had the house all decorated had put on nibbles and made vodka jellies so after that and a few glasses of wine everyone was very happy :) i'm sure the ladies won't mind me showing you a piccie of us all so here you go- the dream team parties LOL

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