Saturday, 23 October 2010

missed the crop

as my chest is so bad, lots of wheezing and coughing but i am determined to be better for tomorrow as i'm meeting mel for lunch, many moons ago when i trained to be a nursery nurse mel and i were best buddies, i was matron of honour at her wedding and for a while after we were really close, but life gets in the way, she was living in manchester, and along came two littlies and gradually we lost touch, until a month or so ago when i decided to see if i could find her on facebook :) now she's coming up to visit her family for the weekend so we are meeting up for lunch :) i am so looking forward to it, i reckon we haven't seen each other or spoken in 13 or 14 years so i am really excited to see her again, so even if i'm attached to an oxygen mask i'll be there tomorrow at 12:30 :D

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