Monday, 29 November 2010

scary out there!!!

and it's still snowing, got up this morning and another 3 inches had fallen overnight :( i couldn't get my car out from it's parking space until one of the neighbours dug it out then got it onto the compacted snow for me, it then took me quite a while to reverse it up the street and get it out of the street, by the time i got to work it had taken my 90 minutes to do a trip that normally takes 10 :o then gets a phone call off dad to say asda had been on the phone and weren't doing any deliveries so i had to go and do some shopping as we have nothing in the house LOL well that's when the trouble began, i got completely stuck in tesco's car park in battle hill, if it wasn't for the group of 6 complete strangers including a bunch of hoodies who pushed me out i would still be there now :( it's forecast for more heavy snow overnight and we've had loads of thunder and lightening :( this is the worst snowfall i can remember and if we don't have a major heat wave to melt it all it'll still be here at easter LOL

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