Tuesday, 7 December 2010

an unexpected visit to A&E

this morning when dad started to feel dizzy just as i was getting ready for work, made him sit down and he had gone as white as a sheet and when he started to slurr his words and drift in and out of consciousness i rang for an ambulance, took nearly all morning before we saw a doctor who knew what they were doing (ie the consultant) who was concerned about his fast and irregular heartbeat, so he was transferred to the rapid assessment and treatment unit where they gave him some lunch and kept taking his bp which was beginning to get back to normal, they gave him a beta blocker and another ecg and he has to go back tomorrow for more tests, thankfully work was very sympathetic as i am not going back tomorrow until he is sorted, hope i can take unpaid leave though for the days off as i want to save my holidays for next year

on the plus side my canvas i ordered has arrived and it's lush :D

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