Sunday, 19 December 2010

48 hours later

and i'm feeling okay, still a bit stiff and sore when i get up in the morning but i don't seem to be limping any more and the ankle only hurts when i point my toes or turn my ankle to the left so i'll be at work tomorrow, five more working days then i'm off until the 4th of january then i'm only in for two days as i have my birthday and the day after off as well :)

did some scrapping this morning while waiting for dad to get the lunch done, cos he was out late last night he sleot in so the lamb didn't go in until after 10am LOL i was all prepared to upload them but can i as hell find the camera cable LOL i know exactly where it is, it's attached to my big camera, it's the big camera i can't find :lol:

and having escaped the snow for the weekend and most of the day, it's coming down now, hope it goes away very soon and that asda can get through tomorrow or i'll have to go shopping again :(

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