Monday, 1 December 2008

it's the start of christmas

decided this morning to put the christmas tree up, it's a new one this year, black and only 6ft instead of the usual 8ft, also decided that i wanted some blue led lights on it so i went along to b&q and got some new lights and some new silver decorations, when i got the tree out of the box, i was a bit worried as it doesn't look as bushy as the old one but once i got it up it looks lovely, i'm really pleased with the lights too. also got the village put up and a few other things and will get the rest of the stuff out tomorrow, the tree looks lovely in the corner and i love the new decorations.

rang work today and obviously chrissie had just received my report from oc health and was reading bits of it to me from it, he expects me back at work by late january but chrissie kept adding no pressure, i think if all goes well at the cbt appointment on thursday i'll be ready to go back after my birthday holidays, i hope

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