Tuesday, 23 December 2008


up early this morning, it was about five to eight when i got up so i'll be exhausted all day, went over for the turkey at 8:30 and we were home for 10 to 9!!!! dad's cough and breathing were dreadful so i mentioned about getting a doctors appointment, no he's okay it's just a tickly cough, tickly cough my arse, he was gasping for breath while he was tidying up after i'd cut his hair, anyway i managed to persuade him to go to the doctors and he got some antibiotics and has to take his inhaler through the spacer attachment, which he didn't have so i had to go to the chemist and get him one, he's asleep on the sofa at the mo but he can't settle because of his cough, fingers x'd we can get through xmas without me having to take him to hospital

i thought we had reached an agreement where he would tell me if he wasn't well after the time last summer when he ended up in hospital, but obviously not, men!!! grrrrr!!!

had a rather formal letter off chrissie today inviting me to a meeting with her and hr on the 12th january at 10:30 to discuss my phased return, she had written on the bottom that she hadn't meant it to sound so formal, i'll have to see if i can get the occ health advisor to come along to it too

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