Wednesday, 17 December 2008

computer panic again!!!!

doing the usual play about with the computer yesterday and using avg to scan it, avg flagged up a rootkit, which it then couldn't remove! so panic starts to creep in so i reran avg,spybot and windoes defender and they all come back fine, no rootkit to be seen, so i tries the avg history and try to remove said rootkit again, no such luck, so takes it over to ernie to fix, so no computer last night, i had to play with my ds or talk to dad LOL!!!!!!

anyway, ceri and joy popped in for a cuppa and a chat today which was nice to see them, after they left i rang ernie and my computer was ready, they have ran many scans and i have again and ther's no sign of the thing, hopefully that means i'll be ok, then heard that there is a problem with internet explorer so after advice from some of the girls on uks i have changed over to mozilla firefox, not sure about it yet but at least i have managed to get my google tool bar back so it looks a bit more familias now

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