Saturday, 29 November 2008

seaton sluice crop day

it's that time of the month again, time for a trip to seaton sluice for the crop, as it was the last one before xmas we had food and a secret santa too, had a lovely time as usual, mind you i was just about to leave home to pick up heather when the phone rang, it was maria, her car wouldn't start so would i get the keys and open up, didn't mind at all, then when i'd got along to heathers i though i could probably pop in for the kits while we passed so we did that

by the time we got to seaton sluice everyone was waiting so we all just piled in got the kits sorted and started, poor maria turned up about an hour late but at least she made it, got the kits from the all day crop last week too as they were lovely. we had a lovely spread of food and the most delicous cake courtesy of emma! we then did the secret santa i got a lovely mug full with chocolate, and a whisk to mix it with, hazels little friend gemma got the present i brought and she seemed to like it

need to buy one more xmas present as by the sounds of things heather may have got me a present so was trying to buy something tonight online but my credit card runs out tomorrow so i'll have to wait until monday to do the shop.

got a letter from the psychiatrist today so i have an assessment appointment next thursday at 10:30, looks like i'll be back at work after christmas as planned

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