Wednesday, 24 December 2008

christmas eve

had a bad night last night, dad coughed all night and i lay awake listening out for him, he's still pretty bad today, his chest is rattling and he's coughing and sneezing something dreadful and he is obviously coughing stuff up as sometimes it gets stuck and then he can't breathe properly, am really worried after he had that cough asphyxia a couple of years ago, he's been dozing on and off on the sofa and i've just left him to it,

cooked the turkey today so it makes cooking xmas lunch a doddle tomorrow, i did it all by myself this year, and it looks lovely, didn't stuff it so it cooked really quickly and did all the checks to make sure it was cooked and i'm pretty sure it is, have started the stuffing and when that has cooled i'll put the sausage meat then i'm going to shape it into loaves LOL

must remember to stick a bottle of wine and a bottle of cava in the fridge for tonight and tomorrow

also did a bit of online shopping, sizzix were having a 75% off sale so i got 1 full alpha, 2x 9 die alpha's, a swirl and a label all for £39 WOW!!!

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