Thursday, 4 December 2008

ooh how gorgeous are these>

went along to blyth yesterday to try and get a top for christmas, first thing i saw though was these gorgeous shoes, they are very high and i know i won't be able to walk in them but look at them, they're shiny, they're mary janes, they're copper and brown, i just had to have them, so i picked them up, and wandered round the shop looking for something to match with them. i know most peeps match their shoes to the outfit but not me, so anyway my luck was in, they had a coppery orange satin blouse in my size, it had a tiny click on the front and they didn't have anymore in so the shop lady took 10% off for me.

so that's christmas day sorted, i'll wear them with some jeans and might wear them for my 40th in edinburgh, keep putting them on and just looking at them as they are so pretty

on a more serious note, i had my assessment appointment with the clinical psychologist today, he was really nice, it was filling in forms and taking a bit of history and my next appointment is 15th january, which was a bit of a shock, i was hoping i would have had a couple of sessions under my belt by then.

had tons of snow today and i lost control of the car a couple of times, beginning to learn what to do in a skid now, hope it's all gone by tomorrow

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