Tuesday, 30 December 2008

it's still up

the tree that is though i did spend a couple of hours yesterday putting away all the ornaments, candles, xmas village etc and putting all the other stuff back out, it actually doesn't look too bad like this, with just the tree up and the lights at the window, maybe next year LOL.

dad tells me he is feeling better then could hardly breathe this afternoon, i thought it was another cough asphyxia coming on but he managed to get up whatever phlegm was stuck and was okay, i wish he would let me hire him a wheelchair for when we are in edinburgh, he is so not going to be able to manage the hills and the walking, anyway he reckons he is well enough to go out for a drink tonight, he says he'll only be a couple of hours.

chrissie from the rik rak ravers had her baby last night, a little boy named drake, she has posted some photo's and he is gorgeous, will have to make a card and send a gift

got my new cj done today, it doesn't need to be posted until the 30th january but with me going back to work after my holidays i thought i would do it while i had the time as time for scrapping will probably be replaced by sleeping and catching up on uks when i'm back

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