Monday, 22 December 2008

craft day

it's craft day on qvc today and so far i haven't bought a thing (not counting the 2 we r memory keepers kits i bought yesterday) there hasn't been a lot of stuff on i like and some of the stuff is more expensive then what it was when i ordered it 3 weeks ago, also it hasn't helped that dad has either snored through it or muttered away the whole bloody time.

rang chrissie this morning and confirmed i will be back at work on the 12th january, she will get in touch with hr and occ health for me to arrange a phased return, so i've said i'll get a signing off note off the doctor for the 29th of december then take those four days as holiday then it only leaves me with 14 days holiday to take between mid january and march

my secret santa parcel arrived off rikrakravers today, i was naughty and looked the postcode up online so i know who it's off. i've put all the parcels into my stocking for xmas day and chrissie (uks) posted that she loved all of her pressies too

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