Thursday, 18 December 2008

chinese and a chat

had a really lovely night at beatrice's last night, i'm sure she said be there at 7:30 but i got a text at 6:30 saying are you on your way, so just rang a taxi and off i went, had a really nice chatting taxi driver too which always makes the journey more pleasent, her house looked lovely with all it's decorations up, val arrived shortly after me, and we ordered a chinese straight away and had a really good chat, val seems to be enjoying her new job and she gets christmas off which will be nice for her, it was really lovely catching up and we will have to continue doing it when i get back to work too,

warned beatrice that i will be back after my birthday so she better get the cupboards tidy LOL

left about 10:45 and had the same chatty taxi driver back, i had a really lovely night with two really lovely ladies, mind you they were naughty and had xmas presents and i hadn't bought anything for them so will make sure i get them a little something when i'm in edinburgh

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