Wednesday, 31 December 2008

i blame it on the cheese or weird dream #2

had the weirdest of dreams last night, first of all i dreamt that val came to stay to get away from everyone, then i was supposed to be going on holiday to paris with elizabeth but i wasn't sure if it was a real holiday or something i had dreamed, i was sitting on the top of the stairs trying to figure it while waiting for the taxi to arrive when i suddenly remembered it had to be a dream as i don't have a passport anymore and it was actually val and louise who were going to paris, then the action switched to the slip road at the top of the street where the nhs had set up a breakfast bar for all the people in the street, edith was there, dad found an interesting and rude shaped plant and i forgot to order leeks in cheese sauce for val!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm up early as i'm waiting for an email from sarahs cards so i can get a few bits and bobs as add ons for my january kit, and usually by the time i remember to look all the good stuff is gone, come on email, i've been up an hour already LOL

taking the tree down today too, it's time to get the house back to normal

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