Saturday, 27 December 2008

can i take the tree down yet?

well that's it all over for another year, xmas day was lovley, dad was a weeny bit better but hardly ate anything so i did all the lunch and all the dishes while he slept all day, suppose it's the best thing for him, just wish he could keep the snoring down to a dull roar LOL, i spent most of the day engrossed in my ds games, then started on the books on boxing day, we did really well, dad liked all of his presents especially his coin sorter and has had a few plays with it already, i have managed to complete my 7 wonders of the world game which must be a first as i have never managed to finish a game before, o thought i was doing well with the rome game to as i am building the parthenon but turns out i'm only on level 42 of 100 LOL

decided i'm going to take most of the xmas decorations down on monday and just leave the tree up until new year, then it won't be such of a mad rush, aslo wondering how to broach the subject with dad of maybe hiring a wheelchair for him while we are in edinburgh, don't think he'll go for the idea somehow

got lots of lovely stash to play with, including lovely stuff off jane who was my secret santa especially love the stamps and the inkpads, also got a lovely scarf off beatrice and a really pretty bracelet off val and some lovely stash off heather,

it's the seaton sluice crop today but not going, too much to do LOL

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