Thursday, 1 January 2009

happy new year

well here is 2009, i hope to god it's a better year than 2008 was for both me and dad, i decided to stay up last night and was very surprised when dad decided he would stay up with me, we had a lovely quiet night ( and sorry elizabeth if you ever read this but it was the nicest new years eve i have had in a long time), we ordered a chinese, sat and watched meet the fockers and a bit of the great escape then i put my coat on and went out to be first foot, there were quite a few people up in the street but i was the only one out being first foot, so i guess that old tradition is dying out too, i was stood outside in the cold watching all the fireworks going off and shouting through the letterbox at dad to let me in and he was in the warm shouting back through the letterbox, no big ben hasn't finished yet LOL, when he finally let me in we wished each other happy new year, had a drink, watched the fireworks on the telly then went to bed.

not making a new years resolution as i never keep them, but i am going to try on the diet front again, the second i've eaten all the xmas chocolates LOL

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