Tuesday, 28 April 2009

100 posts

it seems my last post was the 100th i've done since i started my blog, can't believe it came about so quickly LOL could it be i'm a gobby cow LOL

anyhow, after a really pissed off day at work yesterday i decided an early night in bed was needed last night and it worked as i was in a much better mood all day, the kids had a whale of a time playing with every piece of office equipment i could sneak out of the office without anyone noticing, so cue 7 almost 3 year olds hole punching, sellotaping and stapling every piece of paper they could get their hands on LOL in fact it was so popular we decided to turn our writing area into an office LOL that should be fun tomorrow when they notice that there is scissors in the "office" too LOL

here's a couple more lo's i did recently,just to brighten the place up a bit

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Marie Reed said...

100 posts! Isn't crazy how time flies! Blogging is such a blast!