Monday, 13 April 2009

why can i never......................

find the thing i want when i want it, is it because i have so much stuff me wonders LOL i was looking for my fiskars shape template to use on a lo this afternoon and i know i had it at the last scrap and yap (my new name for the frozen north crop LOL) and i was sure i had left it in my crop bag when we got back, but can i find it, well that would be a no, so i looked where the rest of the shape cutter stuff is kept and it wasn't there either, so i turned the craft room upside down and i'll be damned if i can find it, so i gave up and made a different lo instead, i just know it'll turn up when i'm looking for something else LOL

put together a few page kits ready for the crop next saturday as i probably won't have the time over the next week with being on lates, especially if it's as bad as it was last week, fingers crossed for a bit of better organisation staff wise eh ?????

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