Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

to everyone, regardless of your beliefs i hope you have had a nice day.
had alovely day here, the lamb for lunch turned out pretty much perfectly and was completely delicous, mind you we have enough left to feed an army LOL i have had a small nibble on some chocolate and had a creme egg yum, have also been scrapping again, so at least i have a few points this month, i do think this month will be my lowest points total since i started LOL, i love this one of dad i di using the jillibeans soup white bean collection i got from indigo mill, it was completely perfect to go with this photo and i just love the little froggies i used and i wish i had kept a few more of them but hey ho LOL

watching willy wonka and the chocolate factory at the moment, jonny depp is very strange in a not nice sort of way and i don't like the fact the oompa loompa's are played by one person, give me the old gene wilder version any day LOL

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Pam said...

What a lovely Lo-I love that Jillibean paper!