Thursday, 16 April 2009

it arrived today

my new gorgeous tote arrived this morning, it is much lusher in real life and has loads of extremeley useful pockets in it that need to be filled immediately with all sorts of stashy things LOL, fibbed a wee bit to dad by reducing the price i paid for it a wee amount LOL but he doesn't understand this addiction at all and anyway he thought it was in the £50 price bracket LOL

am i staying up for the tsv tonight, well more than likely even though i have to be up for work early tomorrow as the late staff have to go in half an hour earlier to enable the rest of the staff to take the kids out for a walk to see the new park being opened by the mayor and we don't get to go *shock* we have to start early then don't even get to go LOL mind you since it will probably be bedlam i'm a bit glad i'm not going LOL

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