Wednesday, 15 April 2009

oh my

somebody reads my blog LOL i never knew anybody did apart from gilly (hello *waves) from uks but when i logs in tonight there was a comment about one of my lo's (thankyou pam) LOL

busy busy at work but the kids have been hilarious and i have a request from c to wear my black troll beads tomorrow as he knows the names of the black ones, he's 2 by the way and likes to be called violet and remembers the names of my beads better then i do LOL you just got to love him :) we had glittery playdough today so everyone was covered in all things shiny and it will take weeks if not months to get the glitter out of the carpet, it being easter we had a small treat of haribo too which went down very well with the 7 littlies crowded around me as i shared them out LOL

i was a naughty girl over the easter weekend when i ordered this from qvc, i don't need it at all but it's very lovely and i have seen it a few times in real life when i have been to various crops, it was on clearance and i had a 3 easy pay code from qvc so it would be rude not to use it really LOL


danemi1 said...

pleased you gave in - after all it was a bargain - chuckles runs off - feeling guilty for helping you spend your money


Laura said...

I'd read you as well if you got one of those followers buttons! I'm hopeless at keeping up with blogs if they don't appear in my Google Reader. ;)