Friday, 1 May 2009

thank goodness for a long weekend

was so glad to get away from work today, k had a bit of a strop on me this morning which the boss walked in on and as usual i was the one that got wrong, well that's what it felt like anyway, i'm not letting it bother me and i intend to have a lovely weekend, might try and get down to the scrapbook shop in durham as i havent been since they moved, other plans for the weekend include reading my book, eating chocolate and drinking wine all along with a little craft room play LOL plus early bird neighbours allowing of course at least one long lie in LOL

had a mysterious allergic reaction this afternoon, i think i was bitten by something when we were playing outside and of course i had a bloody good scratch, then within minutes of this i was itching all over and had come out with a rash, i was scratching so much i was making myself bleed and then the wheezing started so i tore up to the pharmacist up the road from work, she said, "oh looks like an allergic reaction" (no never !!!!) "are you allergic to anything" (yes to penicillin in a deadly way) "i think you should see the doctor" (can't i just have some piriton!!!!!) "you might need to have allergy tests" (just give me the bloody piriton before i have scratched my skin off for god's sake!!!!!!) "here have some piriton" (about bloody time!!!!) LOL LOL

so after much scratching the piriton has worked and i am left with lovely red weals all down my arms and scabs all over my legs :(

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