Friday, 10 April 2009

being crafty

spent most of today being crafty :) i have signed up for an atc swap on uks and i had made them already but i wasn't happy with the way they turned out so i have made two more today and they look really lovely, i've also been experimenting with my melt pot again, trying to make some faux dichroic glass, the stuff i produced was okay but i've had a proper look at thein structions that were in craft stamper magazine the other month and i'm going to follow them to the letter tomorrow after i've taken dad along to sainsbury's to but some lamb for sunday lunch,

planning on spending some time over the weekend looking for the cheapest car insurance qoute i can find as it's due on the 5th of may or something like that, and it will have to be the cheapest one i can find as i am skint, and i still NEED ?lol? the core-dinations whitewash collection i have my eye on and some frosted memory glass as well as paying for a chines next saturday when the girls come round, and pay for the june holidays and to have a wee stash spend at the crop on saturday, i so will never be rich LOL

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