Monday, 6 April 2009

my name is debbie and i'm an addict

yes i am an addict but at least what i'm addicted to isn't anything illegal, i am addicted to spending money LOL i am pretty much skint until payday but that hasn't stopped me spending a fortune over the weekend and then i logs into uks tonight and looks at some stamps and now i want to order them too as well as some foil and some sea glass and some bling and and and and and............LOL i could go on, i think i am actually getting worse the older i get, the sensible side of me says i should be saving it for my old age or a rainy day while the other side of me says spend it, i might get run over by a bus tomorrow and i don't want the taxman getting his hands on it LOL

so right now i have all these items in my basket and i'm trying my best to refrain from purchasing LOL how long can i resist ??????????????

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