Friday, 23 January 2009

weird dream watch #2

been meaning to blog this one for a while LOL

dreamt it was a training day at work and chrissie had told us we were going to new york, everyone was excited and i could see myself walking down 5th ave and looking in all the shops (never mind that in real life i would have been refusing to go as it hate flying LOL) anyways we turned up at work and piled into the coach we thought was taking us to the airport, except it was taking us to new york ,tyne and wear and we were going to the campbells soup factory for our training day LOL, we all had to wear white coats and hats and hair nets and got a tour of the factory for the day, the only good thing was the fantastic canteen where there was whole roast chickens or sushi for lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if there are dream meanings, i reckon mine must mean i am completely insane LOL

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