Saturday, 24 January 2009

frozen north get together

we had a get together of the uks sg crafters from the frozen north today, well heather, lis and me did, it was great and we had such a laugh, firstly heather and i went down to the royal quays and had a wee spend there, i got a huge canvas to go up onto my wall in the craft room when i get it all re oraganized, also had some nice stuff in the papaer mill shop and there is a demo on in feb so we will probably go down there, we had a coffee and a chat then headed up to blaydon to meet up with lis who we last saw at the scrapbook village crop in november, we met up in and mcdonalds and we were there for ages just chatting and laughing and generally having a jolly good time, we eventually shut up long enough to have some lunch then went along to amythest crafts and had another wee spend in there.

after saying bye to lis and promising to do it again soon, heather and i drove along to hobbycraft and got a few more things in there before coming home, it was a really nice day and some of the other girls from the sg said they would try and make the next one.

decided to treat myself to some new bookshelves from ikea to go in my craft room when i get rid of the sofa bed, but they wanted 35 quid for delivery, for fucks sake that was more than what the bookshelves cost, so decided i'd get some more of the ones i've got from tesco but they don't do them anymore so i ended up at argos, got 2 large bookcases and 3 sets of storage baskets for the grand delivery charge of £5.80!!!!!!!!!! good old argos eh!!!! they are being delivered on tuesday morning too *big smile*

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