Friday, 2 January 2009


not a good day today, went over to wallsend, decided to have a breakfast in one of the cafes, i went in while dad went to the bank, placed our order, went to pick the tray up with the tea on it and dropped it, it smashed on the floor but not before scalding the top of my right leg!!!!!!!!!!! OW OW OW!!!!!!!!!! we had our breakfast then dad's priority was to go and get some cigarettes!!!!!!!!!!! so it was about half an hour later by the time i got home and able to jump into the shower and get some cold water on it, it is killing and i was a bit scared it was going to blister so rang nhs direct and they told me to go to the minor injuries clinic in shiremoor, found it no bother and got seen too more or less straight away, the nurse cleaned and dressed it for me then dropped the bombshell no getting it wet for 4 days at least!!!!OMG!!!!! she also sent me off with some more dressings to redress it after 2 days and no i can't go into the hottub!!!!!!!!!!

well actually sod off, there is no way i am not going in the hottub, so i've bought more dressings and i'll just dress it every day if i have too, by god it hurts though

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