Friday, 16 January 2009

holidays booked woohoo

louise confirmed my holidays today well next al years anyway, so i've got a week booked off at the end of june and a week booked off at the end of august, so came home wnet straight online and got our holidays booked up, we are going to lochy park near fort william in june and nairn lochloy near inverness in august, *insert big smile*

the holidays i am due this year were harder to get, i could have the week off in february no problem but the only full week in march i could get was the very first week and that still left me with 4 days, so took that march week and two days of the following week and also booked off next monday and tuesday (so i can watch the craft tsv) !!!!!! spent a long time looking for somewhere to go in the march week but hardly anywhere is open that early, or actually hardly anywhere is open that early that we can afford so managed to persuade dad into edinburgh again staying in the same lodges we've just come back from *insert big smile again*

have something to look forward to now LOL

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