Saturday, 10 January 2009

we're back!!

well that was possibly the best holiday ever and we didn't get wet once!!! okay it was bloody freezing most of the time but it is the first week in january!!! there is far too much that happened for me to write it all down but some of the highlights were-

the upgrade to the vip executive lodge, climbing the 137 steps to the top of linlithgow palace, seeing keith and nicola and the boys, the hot tub, the lodge all decorated for my birthday, a fab meal at the witchery including a wee candle in my pudding, the royal yacht brittania, the tour buses round edinburgh and the lovely staff, caprice italian restaurant, our dynamic earth, holyrood palace, edinburgh castle and the views from up there, 22 new pin badges, lovely birthday cake, i could go on!!!!

it was fab, just the washing to do and the ironing and catching up on the emails and posts on uks!!! i have money to spend too!!!

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