Friday, 30 January 2009

i've been a bad blogger

sorry to say but i have ignored this blog and the computer over the passed couple of days as i have been really busy, work has been ok and still enjoying being with the kids but i have been a bit tired, i have been reorganizing my craft room and this has taken a bit longer than i originally anticipated, the bookshelves and baskets arrived on tuesday night and we put them up in a couple of hours, the baskets looked lovely but i decided i needed another three sets of them just to make my shelves look symmetrical, have made some tags using the purple and green papermania papers and have stamped them with the contents of the basket and tied them on with ribbon, it looks lovely and i have loads of space left to fill with more stash *big grin*

had my cbt session yesterday and he thinks i'm doing really well and that i probably don't need much more, so he has arranged for me to see him in a months time and that will probably be the last one i need unless i feel like i need to see him later on if i start feeling poorly again, so i'm really pleased, to be honest with you i think i got more out of reading the mind over mood book than i have done from seeing him,

got some new games for my ds too, so have been playing that, after having been desperate for professor layton i really dislike it as not only can i not do the bloody puzzles but i hat how long it takes to get through the story to get to the puzzles.

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