Monday, 5 April 2010

thinking time

this weekend came at just the right time as it has given me some much needed thinking time, and i have put it to good use, having come up with quite a few decisions, the main one being the healthy eating plan which i hope to continue, tried on the jeans i want to get back into as goal one last night and i need to lose quite a bit before they fit so i'm hoping i can manage that in 81 days (the time until my next holiday), i have also decided i am spending far too much time attached to this machine,either on uks or trawling the sites to spend money on, so to that effect, starting from today i am limiting myself to once a day on uks only the time it takes me to read my sg and teams, the plan being to spend the time i would use attached to the computer to do more scrapping, reading and exercising to help with the weight loss, i was completely disgusted with the amount of stash i have when i tidied up the other day so the other conclusion i have come to is that apart from adhesives and the monthly kit i get i buying nothing else for the rest of the year !!!! yup a strict stash diet to see how much of a dent i can put in my pp mountain LOL i am hoping these decisions will help lift the grey mood i have been under for a few weeks now, well probably since the end of february, i have continued with my usual facade but i really needed time for a bit of self evaluation and i am feeling a bit brighter for having done it, now just to get rid of the cough i have had since november and the tight feeling and wheezing in my chest and life would be rosy LOL


Sandra said...

Good for you. I do know what you mean sometimes hours get lost on the computer, and at the end of the time, yes you've had a laugh, but then you spend so much effort trying to catch up on the things you had planned.

Also, you're right use up all that lovely stash you have. I'm looking forward to seeing more creations, and really does anyone care if it's not the LATEST of papers LOL.

Winnie said...

Well done on those decisions Debbie! We all need a bit of direction and I wish you well in your healthy eating and stash usage. :D