Tuesday, 13 April 2010

the test that wasn't a test GRRRRRR

went for a spirometry test today to decide whether or not the 6 month old cough, the chest pains and the wheezing are due to asthma or something else, changed my shift at work and got up early only to get there to be told that because i am still on antibiotics i can't have the test and have to be antibiotic free for a month before i can have the test, got a tad tearful and told them i was fed up of being ill and i really needed to get this sorted as i am getting hassle at work due to my time off because of the bad chest, so anyhow she managed to find me an appointment in a couple of weeks time after deciding she will do the test after two weeks antibiotic free and white phlegm !!!!!! she also gave me a different inhaler, a peak flow monitor and an asthma diary to record my peak flow in after she took mine at the surgery and it was down to 340!!!! which i gather is not good, so to cheer myself up i abandoned the stash diet and treat myself to a few bits and bobs to cheer me up, was good though and didn't abandon the real diet having a very nice salad with sardines for my tea LOL

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