Wednesday, 14 April 2010

miracle recovery ?????

woke up this morning in complete agony :( the pains in my chest, back, sides and shoulders were horrendous and i was in tears with the pain, and because i was so sore i was taking tiny shallow breaths as it hurt so much to breathe in and out :( took my peak flow which had gone down from 340 last night to 280 this morning, took my inhalers, stuffed some painkillers down my throat then headed off to work, we had the room to empty as we are getting new carpets and lino fitted tomorrow so we managed to get everything into this tiny little room, mind you it is all packed in just like a tetris game LOL at lunch time i decided to take another couple of painkillers as i was still in a bit of pain BUT by about 2pm i started to realise i was feeling better and the pain was going away, by the time i came home it really feels like a miracle has occured and i am breathing so much better and the pain is hardly there anymore :):):) fingers crossed it continues :)

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Sandra said...

My fingers are crossed for you x