Friday, 2 April 2010

the scrapathon that never happened

cos it turned into a readathon and then later on a tidy up athon LOL i ended up reading my new book for nearly all of the day after i had been and washed my car, then later on i went upstairs to the craft room, i was putting my holiday stash away and suddenly realised i couldn't find the crate paper brooke papers i had bought at the sarah's cards retreat, turned out it was still in the bag and i hadn't put it away LOL, so i decided that meant a good tidy up, so having filled two black bin bags of empty pizza boxes and various other packaging i now have a floor to see LOL

am sitting supping a rather nice glass of gooseberry wine that i bought when we were away, i got it at the scottish deer centre but fancy going to the actual winery when we go back up in june, it specializes in wines made from fruits and hedgerow ingredients and so far the couple i have tried have been very delicous so i may need a wee stocking up when we go back up there in 13 weeks time LOL

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Suzy said...

Is it Cairn O'Mhor wines you have been trying cos they are gorgeous. I also have a pit of a craft room at the moment which I hope to tidy during my week off next week once I get back from my visit down your way