Wednesday, 7 April 2010

is it just me

or are everybody elses doctors a bit dim and useless LOL woke up yesterday morning feeling decidedly yuk and very breathless, by the time i had got to the loo i was gasping for breath so got a doctors appointment and rang in sick at work, spent the day sitting on the sofa and every time i got up to do anything i couldn't breathe again, and the pain in my chest was awful, now this has been going on for months now and i'm fed up, i have checked my symptoms time and time again and i'm pretty certain i might have asthma, i have all the symptoms but no matter how many times i tell the doctors they just give me antibiotics and say the cough will go away in time, i mean come on it's been since november last year it should have gone by now, so when i gets to the doctors she listens to my chest and says it seems ok, but we'll give you some more antibiotics, so i thought sod this and said to her, i think i have asthma, oh she says why do you think that, so i repeats my symptoms to her for the 99th time and she says oh maybe you're right!!!!!! i mean WTF surely she should be guessing what is wrong with me from my symptoms not me going in and saying i think i've got .............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i now have an inhaler as well as the antibiotics and i'm booked in for a spirometry test next week to see if we can get to the bottom of this, the inhaler seems to be working cos the pain and tightness in my chest seems to have diminished slightly but i'm still very breathless unless i am sitting doing nothing, so let's see how things go!!!

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