Thursday, 8 April 2010

and back to the doctors

cos i needed different antibiotics as the ones they had given me were truly foul, i am allergic to penicillin so i am always prescribed erythromicin, it is notorious for its side effects and normally i get the stomach cramps which are pretty bad but i can cope, well not this time, i have had diarrhoea, horrendous agonizing stomach cramps and every time i have anything to eat (dry toast it's all i can manage) i feel like i am going to vomit, i was taking 8 tablets a day so never got a chance to get my stomach settled, last night i had had enough so rang the docs this morning and they said to call in before one pm and they would get me a new prescription set up, so i am now on doxycycline which i have never heard of but at least i only have to take one tablet a day :)

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