Tuesday, 2 March 2010

just two more days

of work this week, thank the lord is all i am going to say LOL suffice to say i am so sick of being spoken to the way i get spoken to and i really don't know what to do about it, actually i do know what to do about it, it's just plucking up the courage to do it.

doesn't look like i'm going to get away with the frozen northers again for a weekend as they are planning them the months i have a going away holiday in and even though i enjoyed myself there is no way i'm giving up my holidays to scrap for a weekend LOL

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Sandra said...

Firstly, loving the new look of your blog, and then secondly - it's a difficult one, and easy for me to say don't let them do that to you at work. But trust me, I'm the same - I never say how I really feel either. Just know that you've got friends that are thinking of you. And let those that speak badly to you .... well, they're just saddo's that have no life LOL. Take it easy - don't let them get you down. xx