Sunday, 7 March 2010

possibly the best weekend in the world

just back from the sarah's cards retreat and i had such a fabulous time :) l and i got there just in time to get seats at the last table in the room, we registered and were stunned by the generousity of the goody bag!!!! it was amazing LOL got loads of hello's and cuddles off everyone then it was straight into the first class, after that it was time for a very delicious evening meal then we had time to crop, we went to bed about half 11 which is when the hilarity began, the beds were tiny and very soft and very bouncy LOL l and i were terrified to move in case you got catapulted out onto the floor LOL

saturday started with the best breakfast spread i have ever seen LOL, then we headed into classes, i loved the them both, lunch was delicious then more classes before dinner which was nice but the main course was not quite as nice as the night before, then we cropped until about 11 but we were both exhausted so had an earlyish night in bed LOL

we were both up quite early this morning so had breakfast then checked out to beat the rush later on, we did the last class then had a bit more cropping time before packing up for lunch, after lunch we said our goodbyes to everyone then just headed home,

it was a fabulous weekend and i so hope it all happens again and we can get places on it as i absolutely adored it and want to do it all over again

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