Monday, 15 March 2010

the biggest grin ever

i have what is quite possibly the biggest grin in the world on my face right now, as well as quite a few other ladies over on uks LOL we got advance emails the other day from s and l to let us know there would be another retreat next year but they were letting us know before they advertised it on the boards so all this years attendees could get first bite of the cherry, the retreat went live at 8pm tonight so i was in there at 8:01 LOL managed to get my place booked and l has hers booked too so we will be roomies again :D i was in such a fluster i managed to put my card number in wrong the first time but second time around it went in properly LOL

now just 350+ sleeps to go LOL

and in less than an hour the entire retreat sold out LOL i think s and l must be feeling pretty proud of themselves right now and they rightly deserve too, it was the best weekend ever LOL

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