Sunday, 28 February 2010

home again

back from the retreat at loch house farm, i had a really lovely time, i managed 17 lo's so i was very happy with that, the retreat centre was fabulous, it was right next to the main road but really quiet, the rooms and cottages were so lovely, lots of lovely little touches like lovely pictures on the walls and the kitchens had everything you could possibly need, the room we had to scrap in was great and just the right size for 10 of us, mary and martin were both lovely people, the food was fantastic and for the amount we paid for it, it was superb value for money.

i was the party pooper i guess as i was usually in bed the earliest which i gather didn't go down well with some people :( nor did my snoring which was commented on lots of times much to my embarrassment :( guess next time i go i'll sleep in the sun lounge then i'll be out of everyones way and can snore to my hearts content !!!!!!!!!!

am glad to be home and looking forward to getting into my own bed, at least i learned that i really do not need to take as much stuff away next weekend for sarah's cards retreat, am also planning on taking my swimming costume too so i don't spend my entire weekend scrapping LOL

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