Wednesday, 31 March 2010

oh my

received my grab bag of stash from sarah's cards today, there was a special offer of a box of stash worth £75 for £25 so i treat myself when we came back from the jollies, well it arrived today and the first words out of my mouth when i opened it were bloody hell LOL the stuff in it is completely fabulous, there are 15 pieces of cardstock, 13 pieces of patterned paper, a huge basic grey alphabet, a complete 6x6 pad of sassafrass pp's, a mini book, die cuts, thickers, ribbon, brads, stickers, rub ons, flowers etc etc etc LOL it's brilliant as there is nothing in it i won't use and some of the pp's will be completely perfect for my latest holiday photos

healthy eating day two has gone well and i'm about to prepare roasted vegetables for my tea :)


Suzy said...

Debbie glad you love your box. Im always wary of so called bargains but it does sound like you got a lot and all of it good stuff. Maybe if they still have them in when I get paid I will treat my self

Glad you enjoyed your holiday in Bonnie Scotland and sorry the weather let you down. We are pretty snowy at the moment. I should be heading to your neck of the woods on Saturday to my parents caravan in Beadnell, such a pretty pretty part of the world

Sandra said...

How lovely, looking forward to seeing your creations. Good going girly :) ... keep up the heathly eating, soon it will become just the norm for you.