Wednesday, 3 March 2010

life sucks

gets a phone call off the garage, i'm supposed to be picking up my new car up on monday but it hasn't arrived at the garage yet and they don't know where it is :0 the salesman is going to try and find out where it is tomorrow and ring me back to let me know but it looks like i won't be picking it up on monday :(


Suzy said...


Have your blog as one I look at all the time but have rarely commented on.

Keep your chin up - life can be a bugger sometimes. Just remember you are better than them

Love and Hugs


Sandra said...

ok, now stop it! I'm putting my foot down - you know you are a fabulous person, you can do your job standing on your head (although, I wouldn't advise it LOL) Ok, people aren't who, you thought they were, but you've still got more get up and go in you than any of them - so they can just go and stick there heads where the sun doesn't shine! LOL.