Monday, 29 March 2010

a distant memory

that's what the holiday felt like after i had been at work about ten minutes today LOL

have decided to get back on the healthy eating plan, i am seriously considering the lighter life programme but i really don't know if i can justify the amount of money it costs a week, you seem to get amazing results with it though, maybe i can do the very low calorie diet myself and drink tons of water, would be nivce to get back into my jeans LOL

got my sarah's cards kit from the post office this morning, it's rather lush and i love it, think i might have a scrappy easter and do lots of scrapping, supposed to be going to the frozen north crop on saturday but i have the feeling i might not be welcome there any more

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Sandra said...

Tell you what, I'll nag you on here and help you with your diet LOL. I'm in the process of helping hubby lose weight - he's doing weight watchers (although not going to the meetings) and so far just this year, he's lost 35lbs ... so if it's help and nagging you need. I'm your girly :)