Saturday, 7 March 2009

back home

back from another fabulous holiday, the lodge was not as posh as the first one but was still lovely and we were on the lower tier so had a much nicer view when i was lying in the hot tub, even dad had a few dips in the hot tub this time and seemed to enjoy it, we had a lovely lunch at the witchery again, did the botanic gardens, went up to stirling, got lost a couple of times,had lots of bus rides, got ripped off in the nessie 3d experience and had great food along at the pretontoun gothenburg

we left just before 9am this morning and were home by 12 after i had a quick detour along to mememe to treat myself to 3 new black and white beads so i can now have a black and white bracelet now.

so we now have a massive pile of laundry to do and guess what, the bloody washer is on the blink GRRRR !!!! looks like we'll have to go looking for a new washer tomorrow

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