Tuesday, 17 March 2009

ofstead are here

and then they are gone again LOL, went to get my camera out of my bag at work today then on the way back amanda lets me know ofsted were in the building, by the time i got back to the room everyone was in a full blown panic, i was like " calm down there is nothing we can do about it now " LOL, what was so funny to see was how pre-school and rabbits immediatley set up their outdoor areas, we have had those doors to the outside area open every single day come rain, hail, snow or shine and no-one else has but the second the ofsted inspector appears out they all come LOL

anyway 50 mins later she had left the building, it turns out that because we are now part of the children's centre we have to be inspected in a joint inspection with them, it was a shame really as she seemed to be a lovely lady and the whole thing would have been over and done with by 4:30

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