Saturday, 28 March 2009

seaton sluice crop and a rip off

i'll start with the rip off, i have had a library book due back for over a month now and i kept forgetting to take it so today decided i would eventually take it back and it cost me £5.85 for the bloody fine, what a damn rip off, more money lining the pockets of nt council, the lady was really sarcastic to me too so that will be the last time i set foot in howdon library.

went along to the seaton sluice crop after i had been to the library, i was too early as usual so i sat watching the waves crash onto the rocks and the wind whip the sea up into foam, when i got to the crop the usual people were there as well as some new ladies who were lovely too, one of them was a stamping up rep so i ordered the scallop punch and the circle scallop punch. h had brought her little girl with her as she didn't have a babysitter, e turns out to be quite possibly the cutest 2 and a bit year old i have ever met, she got stuck into some painting, had a picnic, played on the playgroup toys, went round putting people's rubbish in the bin and generally keeping the entire crop entertained LOL

lots of people saying they will turn up to the next durham crop so we might be very busy and maybe have to start doing it once a fortnight instead,

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