Monday, 9 March 2009

new things and a bit annoyed

went over to wallsend this morning so dad could get some money out of the bank to get the new washing machine, we went to curry's first and straight away decided against the one we had seen online as it only held a 5kg load and was tiny, we saw another one we liked but decided to check out comet first, it was the same price in comet but the delivery charge was about 15 quid more than curry's so we just went back there and ordered it and it's going to be delivered sometime tomorrow.

and the reason for being a bit annoyed, well just before we went away from holiday dad had a phone call from the doctors to say that there was a problem with his blood tests (nothing to worry about though) and could he come in to see the doctor, well i've been worrying about it, so he went today and see the dctor and the problem with his blood, someone labelled the samples wrongly so he needs to have them done again, FFS !!!! could they not have told him that over the telephone saving me a week of worrying and bad dreams and dad the taxi fare there and back GRRRR !!!! doctors!!!!

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